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Pro Evolution Soccer: Game info

Game overview/synopsis

Pro Evolution Soccer (or PES) is the biggest rival to EA's FIFA football games.

The franchise has often focused on gameplay over official licences and rights to player names and teams.

While it is not as popular as FIFA today, it still has a dedicated playerbase - and its titles have been improving year-on-year.

It's not as widely accepted as an eSport as FIFA is, but there is a competitive PES scene.

Blurb: PES 2017

The focus of PES 2017 is the fun in playing against another player, and all the new features support this ethos. Central to the new game is ‘Real Touch’, which authentically reproduces a wealth of ways to receive and control a pass. Different players use varying techniques and Real Touch mimics these using complex ball physics and subtle control nuances as the pass is met. The new system is then complemented with the advent of the new ‘PrecisePass system.

Precise Pass extends the Real Touch basis of using the ability of the player with the ball to determine the accuracy of each pass. The movement of the ball in relation to the position of the player and the intended target for the pass all contribute towards its accuracy, adding a genuine feeling of excitement when a defence is split with an inch-perfect ball.

Key info

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3
Typical game length: 10mins
Players: 1v1
Genre: Sport
Latest version: PES 2017
Price: Around £40
Publisher: Konami
Notable tournaments: PES League
Popularity: More than 80m game sales across the series
Twitch: Outside the top 50 most watched games on Twitch in October 2016
Launched: September 2016 (PES 2017)
Pegi ge rating: 3
Other Pegi info: The content of this game is suitable for all persons.

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