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Rainbow Six: Game info

Game overview/synopsis

Rainbow Six is a tactical team-based shooter game franchise based on the series of novels written by Tom Clancy.

Rainbow Six Siege is the latest game in the series, and sees two teams of five attacking or defending an area. The defenders can use security cameras to scope out the attacking teams and reinforce certain areas, while the attackers can use drones to scout the location.

Teams can rescue hostages, defuse a bomb, secure an area and hunt for terrorists in the game's different multiplayer modes.


In Rainbow Six Siege, coordination is often the key to victory.

Team up with your friends and get the ultimate multiplayer experience! Fight in intense PVP or PVE encounters in closed environment and dominate the enemy team by choosing the right tactics.

Forge your team for optimal team coordination, and create the best strategies to become the master of destruction.

Key info

PC, PS4, Xbox One
Typical game length: 4mins
Players: 5v5
Genre: Shooter
Price: Around £20
Publisher: Ubisoft
Notable tournaments: ESL Pro League
Popularity: Not specified
Twitch: 1.9m hours watched in October 2016 across all viewers
Launched: December 2015 (Rainbow Six Siege)
Pegi age rating: 18
Other Pegi info: Violence towards defenceless people, strong language

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