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Madden NFL: Game info

Game overview/synopsis

EA Sports' long-running American football franchise is still going strong, and while it's obviously not as popular in the UK as it is in the States, the sport has a steady, growing fanbase on our shores.

While EA has been making more of a concerted effort in eSports lately, the publisher is no stranger to eSports. In fact, it first dabbled in competitive gaming with its Madden Challenge some 14 years ago.

Madden is a relatively new eSport - there haven't been many large-scale tournaments up until now. However, in 2016 EA Sports announced the $1m Madden Championship Series, outlining their ambitions in Madden eSports in a big way.


Madden NFL 17 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 delivers updates to all three phases of football: offense, defense and special teams. New mechanics and authentic AI bring wow moments to the ground game, while improved zone coverage balances out the passing game. Finally, special teams gives you the ability to impact the game in a single play.

Ball carrier special moves are now spread across the different NFL player types giving you more creative control than ever. For players new to Madden, special prompts recommend moves expanding your ball carrier toolset.

New ball carrier path assist helps you anticipate where you are going further down field, improving field awareness and your ability to hit the hole.

Put your defenders in position to stop the run with all-new "gap play", our most authentic defensive AI to date.

Do you think you know what your opponent is going to do, but don’t know the defensive formation to stop it? Decide to defend the run or the pass, pick from a small number of recommended plays and let your defense do the rest.

Tackle battles add a new, fun in-game mechanic allowing you try and break free for extra yardage.

New elements of risk and reward through trick plays and blocked kicks can change the outcome of any game.

Key info

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3
Typical game length: 10mins
Players: 1v1
Genre: Sports
Price: Around £40
Publisher: EA Sports
Notable tournaments: Madden Challenge, Madden NFL 17 Championship Series, WorldGaming
Popularity: 100m+ game sales in the series to date
Twitch: Outside the top 50 most watched games in October 2016
Launched: August 2016 (Madden NFL 17)
PEGI age rating: 3
Other Pegi info: The content of this game is suitable for all persons

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