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Education and esports: Which colleges and universities are offering courses?

News - 23 Jun 2017

Ryan McVean takes a look at some of the British academic establishments exploring esports.

With more and more esports jobs cropping up around the world, educational establishments are starting to catch on.

There are many colleges in North America already offering scholarships in esports, and now UK colleges and universities are looking at integrating esports into their courses.

Staffordshire University is introducing the first esports degree in the UK, focusing on the business and event management aspects of esports. Students will be introduced to esports culture, learn about managing and developing events and teams, and will be given access to Staffordshire’s dedicated esports lab and ‘pro gamer training facility’.

The universities of Demontfort and Coventry are also supposedly in talks with companies to develop courses.

The university of York has recently announce their partnership with the ESL. You can read more about it in our article here

The university of Leicester has also announce a partnership with ESL UK, to develop a course that helps students gain insight into the esports industry. Read nore about this here

Qualification provider AIM is also looking at adding esports to some of its existing college-level courses. It’s looking at which skills are required for esports and the different positions it has to offer students.

Elsewhere, London South East Colleges is also looking at esports skills and aspects being added to their courses. Both British Esports and Ukie sit on its advisory board.

The Prince’s Trust recently backed an esports workshop course dedicated on teaching skills through esports. This helped unemployed young adults learn new skills and access new opportunities.

Abertay University is also looking at holding esports courses and have a PHD student currently working on an esports thesis.

Another university, the University of Manchester, recently launched a whitepaper on esports and the opportunities and challenges in this area. The uni called for greater unity in UK esports between companies and for strong collaboration between third-parties to help grow the esports ecosystem in the UK.

The University of Manchester also held a workshop in London, which the British Esports Association spoke at.

Other third-parties are looking at getting involved in esports courses in the UK to help train up and coming talent.

Then there’s the National University Esports League (NUEL), a group focused on bringing nationwide varsity competition to the UK, holding national championships for many top games including League of legends and Counter-Strike.

Have we missed anyone? Are you from an educational establishment or a company looking at esports? Please let us know by emailing and we’ll add you to this article